To make the cruising-experience pleasant for everybody we created some rules. Some rules are so logical that you will not have any trouble to keep them, Others are created for your and our safety. In this code of conduct we will explain you the rules and when they apply. Also you can read here what the consequence would be if you would break the rules. Finally we will tell you more about the prices and possible discounts.

When is this code of conduct applicable and how are violations punished?
This code of conduct applies when you enter our cruising area, either during regular business hours, either on special cruising events. The content of this code can not be disputed.

Violations of this code will be punished with exclusion from the cruising area. If you would repeatedly break the rules we are obliged to deny you access to our cruising area permanently.

For whom is the cruising area intended?
The Man Playz cruising area is intended for adult men. Women, children and animals are not allowed. Man Playz only offers a space for you and does not guarantee sex or the opportunity to do so. The access of our cruising area is not allowed without a day ticket, week pass or month pass. The tickets or passes are available at the cash register.

Man Playz is never responsible for damages to goods or persons that are caused by the use of our cruising area or other services provided by Man Playz.

Where can I find the entry price?
You can find the entry price at the cruising page of our website or through a salesman in our store. The quoted price is incl. VAT. The ticket nor passes shall be refunded under any circumstances, even if you are denied access to our cruising area.
Any discounts are only valid as stated with the discount and can not be combined with other discounts.

No smoking
It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the cruising area. Throughout the cruising area no ashtrays are provided. If You would smoke you could cause a fire. This bring us and our visitors at risk. Violations of this prohibition will be penalized by exclusion from the cruising area.
No drugs
Law provides severe penalties on drug use and therefor we also can not allow this. If you do decide to use drugs, you will be removed from the cruising area. In case of several violations of this prohibition, we could deny you access permanently.
No prostitution
Soliciting prostitution is not permitted by law, we also perform strictly against it. When you approach people and ask for financial compensation for sexual services, we will deny you access to our cruising area.
Do not take pictures or make video recordings
Man Playz offers you a place where you can have sexual contact with men, undisturbed and discreet. For this reason it is not allowed to make photographs or video recordings. When you would do so, the images will be removed and access to our cruising area will be denied.
No noise nuisance
Because everyone, gently wants to enjoy our cruising area we do not allow disruptive behavior. This includes loud talking or telephoning. Also abundant drinking is seen as a nuisance and will not be allowed.
Only use the restroom or other equipped area
Our cruising area is not provided for golden shower. Our entire cruising area is not equipped for scat, therefore sexual acts of this kind are not permitted in rooms other than the spaces for that purpose. The toilet is located between the shop and the movie room, next to the lockers.
Use the waste bins
Everyone likes clean and tidy rooms. That's why we ask you to not throw condoms, paper or other waste on the ground or to leave it lying around in the cabins. Use the bins present and keep the cruising area tidy for all visitors.
Protect yoursel, use condoms
Man Playz pursues a 'Safe Sex' policy. We therefore advise you to protect yourself and to use condoms.
In our cruising area, films are shown where no condoms are used. However, these are only shown for their entertainment value. Think twice before you go reenact these movies. Condoms are for sale in the shop.
Have fun but have respect
Like all other visitors, you come to Man Playz to have fun and we are very happy to encourage that. But remember that it must remain fun for everybody. We therefore ask respect for both the space we provide you and the other visitor.
Beware of pickpockets
Man Playz is not responsible for thefts. Your belongings can be stored on your own responsibility in the lockers. You can also give valuable belongings for safekeeping at the cash register where they are always under supervision of a salesman.
If you would still be robbed, we advise you to lodge a complaint with the police. Do you have a suspicion who has robbed you? Let us know. We do what is possible to check it out and take action.
Use our free wi-fi
Would you like to go online during your visit to our cruising area? Request a free code of the Man Playz wifi.